Each of the pages in this section of the wiki, will highlight a particular Second Life skill. There are 4 basic skills you will need in order to navigate and communicate in Second Life.

  1. Moving (walking, running, flying)
  2. Camera Controls (looking around and zooming in)
  3. Communication I (texting)
  4. Communication II (talking)

For each skill, you will find three learning tools:
- Written Guide
- Comic Book
- Video

The videos are short (usually 3-4 minutes) demonstrating the skill in Second Life. The written guide and comic book are both downloadable items. These two tools provide the same coaching, in slightly different ways. If you are a learner who prefers a narrative style, the written guide might be best for you. However, if you are someone who prefers to acquire new skills visually, then the comic book might be best for you. Alternatively, you could read the written description and then use the comic book as a handy reference. We find it is most effective to have a printed handout of some kind to refer to when you are in-world.